Victor Pollé 2014

PUBLICATIONS (1974 - 1999)

- on information for urban planning and management

- for large and fast growing cities in developing countries

- using aerial photographs, satellite images (after 1985) and GIS (Geographical Information Systems)

- for better integration of low-income people and women in the city

The publications are based on research done at ITC (International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences) between 1965 and 1999.

1999 - Pollé, V.F.L.,
Survey strategies for urban planners in developing countries: the ITC contribution (Valedictory Lecture).

1996 - Pollé, V.F.L.,
Bandungs groei tot grootstedelijke agglomeratie,
IN: Voskuil, R.P.G.A. (ed.), Bandoeng, Beeld van een stad, Asia Maior, Purmerend, 1996, 176 p., pp. 107-112 and 116-117,
ISBN 90-74861-05-9.

1996 - Pollé, V.F.L.,
The feasibility of embedding of remote sensing and GIS for improved urban management,
IN: GEOINFORMATICS, Proceedings of ‘Geoinformatics ’96 Wuhan’ – International Symposium on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Wuhan Technical University of Surveying and Mapping (WTUSM), Vol.2 Urban and environmental applications, pp. 131-139.

1996 - Pollé, V.F.L.,
Planning urban services in developing countries: quantification of community service needs using remote sensing indicators,
ITC-Journal 1996-1, special Habitat Issue, pp 64-70.

1996 - Pollé, V.F.L.,
Urban information systems, the current approach to urban information needs,
Invited paper Regional workshop on the utilization of GIS in urban planning and management, Alexandria 9-11 July 1996.

1996 - Pollé, V.F.L.,
Urbanization and environmental land use planning, satellite images and aerial photographs for data capture,
Invited paper 'Regional workshop on the utilization of GIS in urban planning and management', Alexandria 9-11 July 1996.

1996 - Pollé, V.F.L. and Boogaard, P. van den,
Urban management: a feasibility study into embedding of remote sensing for improved urban management in developing countries,
Beleidscommissie (Government Policy Commission) Remote Sensing (BCRS), Delft, 35 pp. BCRS Report; 96-17,
ISBN 90-541-205-0.

1995 - Pollé, V.F.L.,
The use of satellite remote sensing for urban planning and management in developing countries,
Remote Sensing Nieuwsbrief, October 1995, nr. 64, pp. 26-31.

1994 - Pollé, V.F.L.,
Monitoring urban development in Chiang Mai, Thailand, user-friendly products from remote sensing and GIS for town planning offices,
International Archives of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Volume 30 Part 7b pp. 341-348.

1994 - Bolt, Dirk, van der Laan, Arjan, Pollé, Victor en Tuinstra, Richard,
Het oog op Glanerbrug, een nieuw kijk op de wijk,
Division of Urban Survey and Human Settlement Analysis in opdracht van de Bouwdienst Gemeente Enschede (Report).

1993 - Pollé, V.F.L.,
Urbwatch: The spatial growth of Bandung,
Paper for the WUOO/CNWS Workshop "The Indonesian City", Leiden, The Netherlands, December 1993.

1992 ‑ Pollé, V.F.L.,
Survey, Analysis and Maintenance of Urban Information,
Proceedings of the International Conference on Physical Planning. Esfahan, Iran, January 1992.

1992 ‑ Pollé, V.F.L.,
Growing Cities, Education and Research in Remote Sensing and Geo‑Information Systems for Urban Information,
Silver Jubilee Seminar IIRS, Dehra Dun, India, February 1992.

1992 ‑ van Dijk, A and Pollé, V.F.L.,
TERS product development plan for urban planning of Bandung, Indonesia, DHV Consultants, ITC,
Beleids Commissie Remote Sensing (Policy Commission on Remote Sensing), NRSP‑1, 91‑30.

1991 ‑ Pollé, V.F.L.,
Changing Attitudes towards Urbanisation Processes: A Challenge for Research and Education,
International Workshop on the Application of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System to Urban‑Rural Planning and Management, Resource Surveys and Environmental Protection, Wuhan, P.R. China, May 1991.

1990 ‑ Pollé, V.F.L.,
Agadir, Marokko: een verwoeste en weer opgebouwde stad,
Geografisch Tijdschrift, Nieuwe reeks XXV, 1990‑1, Themanummer Marokko.

1990 ‑ Pollé, V.F.L.,
Urban Planning Data from SPOT, Prospective for Indonesia,
SPOT Seminar, Jakarta, Indonesia, August 1990.

1989 ‑ Pollé, V.F.L.,
Information for the planning of Bandung by visual interpretation of SPOT satellite images,
IN: Remote Sensing within the framework of urban planning, Review Urban Development Strategy BMA, Bandung, March 1989 (Seminar papers, Bandung and Semarang, Indonesia).

1989 - Pollé, V.F.L.,
Synergism of CIR aerial photographs and SPOT images for monitoring of project housing in Bandung, Indonesia,
Proceedings of the tenth Asian conference on remote sensing (ACRS), November 1989, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia pp. Q28/1-9

1988 ‑ Pollé, V.F.L.,
Monitoring and measuring human settlement changes by remote sensing methods, A case study with SPOT images of Bandung, Indonesia.
Beleids Commissie Remote Sensing (BCRS) report 8816 KC, December 1988.

1988 ‑ Pollé, V.F.L.,
Detection of city growth areas using SPOT image interpretation.
Paper for the 16th Congress of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (SPRS), Kyoto, Japan, 1988. IN: International Archives of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Volume 27 Part B9, pp. VII 351 ‑VII 364.)

1987 ‑ Pollé, V.F.L.,
SPOT Image Interpretation for Information on Human Settlement Growth,
Proceedings of the Eighth Asian Conference on Remote Sensing, Oct. 22‑27, 1987, Jakarta, Indonesia.

1987 ‑ Air-photo Interpretation for Urban Planning and Management, Case Studies India,
edited: Pollé, V.F.L., Sharma, N.D., A.M. Galema, A.M., Oct. 1987, ITC‑IIRS, Dehra Dun, India.

1987 ‑ Pollé, V.F.L. and Sliuzas, R.V.,
The ITC's Experience with Urban and Regional Planning Information System,
IN: Urban & Regional Planning Information Systems for India/other ESCAP Countries, ed. Prof. N.S. Saini, New Delhi, 1987.

1986 ‑ Pollé, V.F.L. and Hofstee, P.,
Urban Kampung Improvement and the Use of Aerial Photography for Data Collection,
IN: NAS, P.J.M. (ed.) The Indonesian City (Foris Publications, Dordrecht l986.)

1984 ‑ Pollé, V.F.L.,
Population estimation from aerial photos for non‑homogeneous urban residential areas,
ITC Journal No.2, l984.

1984 - Pollé, V.F.L., Bosscher, A. en Zee, D. van der ,
De luchtfoto als bron van gegevens; onderzoek en onderwijs aan het ITC,
IMWOO-bulletin, Jrg. 12, nr.4, Dec. 1984, pp. 10-13.

1983 ‑ Pollé, V.F.L.,
Population Density in Yogyakarta,
Discussion paper for the workshop on Indonesian towns, Leiden October l983.

1980 ‑ Küpfer, G., de Bruijn, C.A., and Pollé, V.F.L.,
Luchtfotogebruik bij Stedebouw in Derde Wereld. (Use of Air-photos for City Planning in the Third World),
Plan Vol.11: No.5, May l98O.

1980 ‑ Pollé, V.F.L.,
The Size of Net Residential Areas on Aerial Photographs,
ITC Journal No. 3, l98O.

1978 ‑ de Bruijn, C.A., Hijl, A.B.M., Hofstee, P., Küpfer, G. and Pollé, V.F.L.,
Enschede in Luchtfoto's ‑ Change and Growth,
Uitgeverij Witkam, Enschede 1978.

1978 ‑ Pollé, V.F.L.,
The Accuracy of Statistical Information on Urban Land Use from Air-photo Interpretation and fieldwork,
Paper at llth General Conference of the International Association for Regional & Urban Statistics, Rheims June l978.

1978 ‑ Pollé, V.F.L.,
Monitoring Newly Built‑up Areas in Cities with Oblique Air-photos Using a 35 mm Camera,
Paper at International Symposium on Remote Sensing for Observation and Inventory of Earth Resources and the Endangered Environment, Freiburg July l978.

1976 ‑ de Bruijn, C.A., de Haas, W.G.L., Hofstee, P., Hijl, A.B.M. and Pollé, V.F.L.,
Urban Survey with Aerial Photography: A Time for Practice,
Paper to the l3th Congress of the International Society for Photogrammetry, Helsinki, l976.

1974 ‑ Pollé, V.F.L.,
Land Use Surveys in City Centres,
ITC JOURNAL 1974‑4 p.p.490‑505

Enschede, January 1999 (retirement)