Victor Pollé 2014

CONSULTING for ITC 1971 - 1999

in Zimbabwe, China (PR), India, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico

The major part of the consulting consisted of establishing educational facilities
in the three most populated countries of the world: China (PR), India and Indonesia.

Zimbabwe 1998 (3 weeks), 1999 (3 weeks)

Development of a module 'Urban Environment' for the
Master of Science Degree Course: Environmental Policy and Planning,
co-operation with local staff, and teaching in the Master course

Indonesia, 1995 + 1997

Teaching "Data collection with RS and data handling with GIS for urban land use planning" in an international course from BAKOSURTANAL/PUSPICS, 1 week; research on Bandung Urban Planning, 1 week

China (PR), 1993

WUHAN, WTUSM (Wuhan Technical University for Surveying and Mapping),
ECURSPAM (Educational Centre for Urban/Rural Survey, Planning and Management). Teaching Urban Air-photo Interpretation, transfer of teaching materials and training of counterpart (1 month).

China (PR), 1992

WUHAN, WTUSM, ECURSPAM. Project Supervisor, Consolidation of ECURSPAM, starting-up of the project (1 month).

Iran, 1992

TEHRAN, MINISTRY OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT. Advice on the use and training of ILWIS for master plan studies.

China (PR), 1991

WUHAN, WTUSM. Project supervisor. Head of the project formulation mission for the consolidation of ECURSPAM.

China (PR), 1987 - 1989

WUHAN, WTUSM, ECURSPAM. Developing a training module for airphoto interpretation for urban and rural planning and management

Indonesia, 1987 - 1991

BANDUNG, DHV/BCRS. Contract research in application of SPOT for urban mapping and planning

Indonesia, 1989 - 1990

Yogyakarta, GADJAH MADA UNIVERSITY. Development of a GIS/RS training module (ILWIS) for Urban and Regional Planning

India, 1982 - 1991

Dehra Dun, IIRS (Indian Institute for Remote Sensing). Transfer of technology for post-graduate course and advanced course in
Human Settlements Analysis, Project Supervisor (1989 - 1991)

Indonesia, 1978 and 1980

BANDUNG, PU/Cipta Karya. Design of teaching modules 'Survey for Kampung (low income settlement) Improvement

Indonesia, 1975 and 1976

Yogyakarta, GADJAH MADA UNIVERSITY, Faculty of geography. Training faculty staff in air-photo interpretation for urban and rural Survey

Iran, 1970, 1971, 1975 and 1976

TEHRAN, THE GEOGRAPHICAL INSTITUTE. Research for census application of air-photos.

Mexico, 1971

TOLUCA, STATE OF MEXICO. Advisory mission for urban fringe control and upgrading (Netzhualcoyotl)

Enschede, September 1999 (retirement)